Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Cheap & Easy DIY

We sorta threw a Baby Sprinkle together for our friend and her soon to be baby girl. I always thought I was a procrastinator until this party. I realized.. I’m a planner, I need to plan shit out way in advance so I have enough time to buy or make things. I helped my friend plan it ( at her house) and she’s the complete opposite.. Her style, figure it all out the week of. Ah the party was a blast but as you can see it kinda looks like we just threw it together.

We used a whole bunch of leftover supplies from both of our girl’s birthday parties and then we thought the nursery was coral and teal.. thus my project..


Now for the DIY Project.. Ready?.. So easy..


Here’s my Pinspiration..

Cupcake baby shower "sprinkled with love" @Lindsay Dillon J like more these colors  very cute sprinkle. used the hanging dot idea for Julie's sprinkle  2013



Paint sample cards

Fishing line


BOOM! That’s it!


I went to Lowes. Raided the paint samples. Legit felt like I was shoplifting. It just felt wrong to take as much as I did but I really didn’t know the exact plan yet, just had an idea what to get. Tip: Try to get the bigger paint chip samples..


Then I traced different size circles and cut out by hand. I don’t have a “CRAFT ROOM” so this was actually a little bit of a pain since I had to do during nap times.. Take out and put away everytime..It probably took me a few days to get all these done with the spare time I had during her naps..

Afterward, I just laid out different colors and sizes and taped the back to fishing line. (I tried hot glue.. don’t waste your time.. tape is so much easier and worked better).




Now that I look at the picture it looks kinda random but Ash was giving Jessica that cute chandelier that’s hanging on the wall so we thought the curtain of paint chips was cute behind the chandelier.

Anyways this is a super easy and actually it was all FREE for me to make since we always have fishing line on hand.

Next party I’m definitely doing again! This time maybe I can borrow my friend’s Cricut ;)  Hmmm..Christmas gift idea?! YES!

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