Thursday, September 18, 2014

Confess Sesh

Dun dun dun..

Here’s some things lately that I have been dying to get off my chest.

♥ It has begun. I need to look in every crease and crevice when shopping now before I checkout. I will either end up with something I paid for or not in my bags because Kenzie thinks we need it all. Do you know how embarrassing it is to have to return the next day to a store and explain?


♥ I like to stay up far too late so I can have the most time all by myself.. Both Bob and Kenz are asleep by 9 most nights so you bet I set up shop on the couch with the laptop and remote.

PS. HALLELUJAH Fall TV is starting soon!!



♥ Damn these delish perfect salty crackers. They’re addicting. If I hand some to K, Mama also gets a handful.



♥ I am so scared of the stupid preview for the new Halloween movie, Annabelle. I love the holidays, including Halloween but this time of year always has a creepy movie that I have to quickly pick up the remote to fast forward or cover my ears and close my eyes til it’s done. I HATE SCARY MOVIES. (side note- that f’n preview just came on.. I was on a role typing here that I couldn’t get to the friggin remote fast enough!)

Speaking of Halloween.. I found the cutest costume for K. She was going to be a Fairy with this little outfit my sister bought her last Christmas (as dress up) but.. I couldn’t pass up this costume. Sorry not sharing just yet.. *hint hint* it’s an animal… maybe on a farm.


Do you already know what you’re going to be for Halloween or your little one?