Sunday, August 4, 2013

Beatrice ♥

Yesterday I ran into an older woman at Kohls named Beatrice.
She stopped us to admire Kenz. 
We stood there for about 15-20 mins as she just rattled off tips and advice.
From never trimming their nails in their sleep to how we can tell what the sex of our next baby will be.

Most came with no reasons behind it, just little things she thought I needed to know.

My favorite one though came with a long background story about her great grand daughter (who I saw pictures of and everything - and talked about about 9yr old girls' fashion). I forgot her name, but the story was about how she was not a fan of babydolls when she was little. The advice was to get McKenzie a babydoll. A particular one from Babies r Us that has little pockets to hide stuff.. Long story short Beatrice would get her great grand daughter to love babydolls (or at least this one) because she would hide little candies in the baby. Moving on to coins, and then as she got older the babydoll would be hiding dollar bills. She also loved this babydoll because her great grandmother told her that "Baby" (was her name) would be her best friend when she was mad at mommy or felt sad and she could tell Baby anything and Baby would keep her secrets. As Beatrice kept talking about her great grand daughter I had to start pinching myself because I was started to get choked up.

That thing about "Baby" made me realize McKenzie has no "great grandmother" like Beatrice to tell her things like this. And it made me miss mine so much. This made me think of my Grandma Fran (my dad's mom) whom passed away way too soon. Sadly I don't really remember much since she passed when I was young. I was in the 5th grade when she died and don't have too many memories about her..As I'm writing this and crying..  I just realized she does in fact have a great grandmother, Bob's grandma. But Gertie? Well she will be a GREAT great grandma but she is nothing compared to my Grandma Mukka.

I miss her so much and wish that she could have met my babygirl. But I know she is Kenzie's personal lil angel.

Here's babygirl with her Great Grandparents today :) These pictures are so special.

XoXo Rachel


batterup said...

Oh honey, this post is so precious! You were blessed with two absolutely wonderful grandmothers who I'm sure are both so mad they couldn't be here for you !! I like to think that even if your memories arent there, the love they gave you helped shape the wonderful person youve become 💗Of course they are watching over all of us, and I'm also sure they are so very proud of you!! Ill do my best to impart all the wisdom they gave me onto you... You are doing an amazing job with your little I'm crying, but tears of love for the past, present and your future with your little family💗love, Mom

Mrs. Mama said...

Very cute story! I had a lady stop me at Walmart and told me so many great things. I just wanted to sit with her and listen to all of her wisdom.

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