Monday, August 5, 2013

New Mama Favorites♥♥

Because really I wasn't nearly prepared for what Motherhood was going to be like in those first few weeks.

Those first weeks I couldn't wait to be over. And then I had a couple moments crying to my mom and husband that I wanted time to slow down because "I can't believe she's already going to be 2 weeks" .. "3 weeks"..
I say it now that woman are not as prepared or told enough about Breastfeeding.. but honestly my whole pregnancy and attitude about labor, I didn't really read the baby books or want to go to classes because I thought, "Hey everyone's different, I'll just figure it out as it happens"..Now I wish someone had warned me or gave me a heads up that those weeks were going to be the hardest days of my life.
Oh you told me that?
Well that shows clearly my attitude I had while pregnant.

Here are my must haves that got me through it all.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter-  I used a couple different Lanolin creams and they helped but I felt like I needed to apply it so damn much. After reading another blog friends recommendation for this stuff I ordered it and fell in love! I loved the "buttery" texture and a little went a long way.

Nursing Pads- I received a few different brands as baby shower gifts.. A couple that were the machine washable- which were crap btw!- I mean I heard they're great later down the road when I'm not leaking so much but in the beginning those things would soak up and leak right through! This brand was my favorite, you can't see I'm wearing it through my shirt and no leaks!

Nursing bra- As birthday presents I asked my mom to get me nursing bras! Oh so exciting! ;) My problem is I didn't want to spend hella $$ on a bra that I wasn't going to wear forever. So I turned to trusty Target and picked out a couple.. These were the "night" bras (that I wear during the day too sometimes).. So comfy!

Mombo Pillow-  Or the boppy whichever you prefer.. I chose or registered for this one because I liked how it had 2 sides..Soft side for lounging, and a hard side for nursing. It even has a vibrator inside! I also found slipcovers at TJ Maxx. Score! This pillow was so needed though, especially in the beginning of nursing when you're still trying to figure out your positioning and what's comfortable. Now (at 6weeks) I haven't used it so much 'cuz we seem to have down a lil.. Heck I can even nurse her standing up. (Yes I'm embarrased- sorta not really- it had to be done.. to admit that I had to nurse her in the Kohls family bathroom yesterday!) I could have gone into a changing room but was already needing to use the bathroom myself and she woke up!)

FYI a tip that I received from a friend.. If you're ever out shopping and she needs to eat go into a changing room.. just tell the dressing room attendant you need a room for her real quick and they should let you!
This is usually why I save these kind of errands for the last on my list.. so if I know i'm running into that time I can quickly pop into a room..

Nipple Shield- oh my saving grace! Seriously this thing is now something I will always through in as a gift for baby showers if the mama will be BF'ing. It was perfect timing for me when I received mine! It was the day my milk came in and my breasts were soo engorged the baby couldn't really latch on. We already had her 2 day post follow up appt with the lactation nurse so she gave me one of these to help. These things you want to be a little careful with and not use it all the time (unless you have inverted nipples I guess? not my problem) because then when you need to go back to your nipple she may not want it and only want to use the shield. This was great though every other day for me in the beginning or during cluster feeding days to give my skin a little break! When she was cluster feeding especially she wants to eat every hour- my poor nipples! This thing helped- A LOT!

Rollerball perfume- The many joys of motherhood! Your new perfume will mostly smell of spit up and spoiled milk. And I thought being pregnant in the summer would be hell.. Well having a newborn is also not that fun! It's been so hot out I sweat! And mix that with leaking boobs, and a baby that spits up on you pretty much every feeding you'll just smell lovely! I knew I had to fix this because I DO NOT want to be that girl that others are talking about stinking.. I went to Ulta, looked around there rollerball perfume selection and picked out a couple. I love these because it's not all over my clothes and chest where Kenz likes to bury her face, but only on my neck and wrists so when I go to say hi and hug a friend or whatever they'll smell me all "pretty" and not gag! Plus I can just throw it in the diaper bag or my purse!

Diaper Change Clutch- I picked up this lil guy at TJ Maxx also (link is to Amazon). I love it! It holds about 4 diapers, comes with a wipes case and changing pad. I love my diaper bag but found that it's big and bulky and lugging that into Target with me everytime was kinda a pain in the ass.. So this thing I can either throw in my purse or clip onto the carseat handle - and along with a burp rag that's all I really need! 

Old Navy tank tops- At first I was pretty self conscious of wearing these after baby (they were my staple during pregnancy 'cuz they stretch!) because they were jersey material, tight and stretchy. I still have a lil baby pooch.. But these are the best tops to wear when nursing because you can so easily pull it down to nurse. Plus they're so affordable! All the nursing tops, even at target are kinda pricy. A nursing cami i bought (and then returned) from target was $20! These do the trick!

Dermoplast- I suffered from a couple tears during labor so with the stitches things got a lil uncomfortable down there.. This stuff was nice to spray on to help! P.S. My hospital gave me a can, but you can find it anywhere!

Ibruprofen!!- Hell whatever you get from the doctors for your post partum recovery! I only asked for Ibruprofen since I wasn't in too much pain..But I still pop these suckers every day.. My boobs get sore from let down after let down I just take some motrin to help!

I hope all of this is helpful for someone! :) If you have any questions please feel free to ask away!!

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XoXo Rachel


Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

This is such a great list! I'm starting to stock up on things I might need after baby and some of these will be added to my list! Thanks! :)

Katie said...

I know I smell like sweat and milk all the time! And I agree about these first weeks being so hard especially breast feeding! I wear those bras all day. I'm sure once Iget dressed for real more ill wear a real bra but these are so much easier!