Friday, August 9, 2013

McKenzie Rose - One Month Update

About a couple weekks past but better late then never right? I've had this written up for a lil while now but needed to add some pictures.. I'm going to have so much fun writing to my lil miss every month and keeping track of her monthly milestones and stats.
McKenzie girl- I can't believe that it's already been 1 month. I cry sometimes when I think about how fast time is going, and you just keep getting bigger and bigger! Although some days with your growth spurts, I wish time would speed up a little as people say it gets better after 3 months! :o And then I get mad at myself for wishing these days away!
Your such a happy baby for the most part except when it's time to eat, you have gas or you have a wet diaper. Girlfriend you hate sitting in a wet diaper! I can't blame you.

EATING:  Girl you love to eat! I feel like you are having a growth spurt every week because you love to eat all the time. Some days every hour.. Mostly though you are eating about every 2-3 hours. Days when we're out you won't wake to eat until about 4 hours.. and a couple time's you've gone a lil longer and I had to wake you because I was so engorged! At night you're waking to eat about 2-3 hours and then you'll have about a 4 hour stretch and eat around 4am. I'm also loving that it's starting to take you less time eating. In the beginning you were eating for about 40mins.. Now we're down to about 20mins. Then you'll need a little break. And about 30mins later you'll need the other side for about 10-15 mins or so.

SLEEPING: You love to sleep during the day! Which is nice for mommy because I can get stuff done around the house or even nap with you. My favorite is that you love the carseat.. Actually let's clarify.. you love the carseat as long as you're moving. And as soon as you start moving your eyes close. This makes you such a great shopping buddy right now as you let me get out and you are sound asleep for nearly 4 hours! At night you've been a little more fussy.. You like to have what Grandma and me call your "Witching Hour".. About the same time every day (around 8 til about midnight) you are not happy) I think it's gas.. as soon as your tummy starts to feel better you're out (about midnight) and sleep until around 6am. That's with about 2 feedings in there. You'll wake up about 2-3 hours after you fall asleep and then another few hours after that. You then go back to sleep - which I always join you and we don't wake up most days until about 9-10am. For the most part you're sleeping at night in your rock 'n play next to me... our little favorite toy we discovered around 3 weeks.. You hated to sleep in your pack 'n play. But some nights or after your last "night" (3am feeding) you stay in mommy's arms until daddy wakes us up to say goodbye and he moves you into your rock 'n play. During the day you love to sleep in your swing.

CLOTHING:  You wore newborn clothes until about 2 1/2 weeks.. then these were too tight! So you've been in 0-3 mos outfits now. You also are now in size 1 diapers! (We still have yet had to go out and buy any diapers- friends and family took such good care of us at your shower!)

Weight: last weighed at 2 week- appt 9lb even
Height: last checked at 2 week appt- 21 1/2" (next appt is 2mos)
Hair: dark blonde/brown
Eyes: dark blue/sometimes look more grey

 In the past few days you've really started to become more alert. It's so fun to have you make eye contact!

 You love love the mirror!
 I get so many sleepy time smiles from you. You're out cold but will laugh and smile at me.

 You have such a strong little neck and will hold up your head already. And then sometimes all of a sudden you fling forward.

 I love when you wake up and stretch! My favorite! You make the cutest lil funny face.
 You love your binky. Thank goodness! (You love to suck!)

 You love getting baths. It's daddy's favorite time!
Here's your first real bath! 

Some other "firsts" that happened this month:

♥ Your first time at Tummy Time

♥ Your first walk and time in the stroller - right after we got this shot you projectile vomited everywhere! You scared mommy so bad!

♥ Your first pedicure - kinda.. Well I enjoyed it!

 First time in the baby carrier - you loved it- Slept the whole time!

 First holiday! Fourth of July, 2013!

First trip to Tahoe

Little girl we are so in love with you and right now we are just soaking up everything about you. Love you so much babygirl.

Love, Mama

XoXo Rachel


Joeylee said...

Happy 1 month. She's to cute

Ashlea with an a said...

shes perfect! I love baby stretching photos!

Audra said...

Her mouth in the pedicure picture - I freaking lovvve those pictures! They are just so sleepy at this age!

Mrs. Mama said...

She is just precious! Have you read the Wonder Weeks book? If not, it is a great book. You have me missing the newborn phase. Cherish the times she will let you hold and rock her because soon enough she will want down and not want to held like a baby. Happy 1 month that you too mama! Think about all that you have done in one month.

Tausha said...

She seriously looks like an angel! She is so beautiful!!

I am so jealous she loves the carseat & takes a binky!! DARRRN YOU lucky girl!!

Gosh, I can't wait to see her get bigger - she's going to be so much fun to watch grow up.

You are doing AMAZING momma, those first few months are SO hard. Keep it up!!!