Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Happenings

Does being a SAHM make time fly for anyone else like it does here or what?!
Man ok so Monday's gone and passed.. This weekend wasn't too too eventful, although miss Kenzie had a couple of "firsts"!

Saturday we all slept in til about 10! Yes it's great (of course that's with a few feedings in there for me and babygirl) but it was so nice to kinda just be lazy and hang out as a lil family. Bob likes to go fishing really early on the weekends so usually it's just us girls every morning. He of course couldn't last long at home without the itch to go out so later on that day he went fishing while we did some experimenting.

I tried out pumping for the first time. I'm still planning on BF'ing for as long as I can, but I want to start pumping to freeze. Also my first time pumping I did it straight into a bottle because I wanted to see how she'd do drinking from a bottle. The only plans we have where she's for sure going to need a bottle is when we go to a wedding in October and my sis needs to watch her for the day.. So we have plenty of time to practice, but lil miss did great! But not gonna lie.. this mama kinda wants to get her buzz on. I've had a beer here and there since about she was 3 1/2 weeks or so but I want to have a glass of wine or 2! The bottle had 3oz in it and she still wanted more so I gave her the other side and she wasn't that confused! I kinda had a feeling she'd be ok because in the beginning of BF'ing she was just fine when I had to use a nipple shield sometimes and then switch to my nipple. Now I just need to know more about when and how much I should pump.. Anyone have any tips or advice? I'm thinking I should pump once a day right after I get done feeding her, but not sure how much at a time..

Babygirl loving her first bottle!

Later that day Kenzie and I joined my dad for dinner, and this would be her first meal out! We survived! I've been a lil apprehensive taking her out because around "dinner time" is when she's been really fussy and has a hard time with her gas problems, but she was all smiles.. She was in and out of sleeping but would wake up every once in awhile and stare at her lil carseat toys or play with grandpa.

This night is also when I posted this pic on Insta and got some good feedback so we were set to try it out the next night.

Sunday was another great morning.. We only slept in til 8 this morning but it was perfect.. to me 10 is too close to 12 and then it's like 1/2 your day's almost already over!
While my hunny made us breakfast I did some damage on Etsy and VeryJane.. ohh and Gap.. I have a problem with shopping online! Especially with VeryJane and Groopdealz like I said.. it's just so easy cheap and cute!

Anyways we didn't really have any plans other than to get new water for the fish tank so we knew we had to go to Concord which is about a 30min drive.. I also made sure we got a stop into Babies R Us since we were right there.. hubbs HATES shopping unless it's for this was kinda pulling teeth but it really wasn't that painful! 

When we got home Grandma was back from her quick lil vaca and missed her baby so we went over there to visit for a lil bit.. I got this adorable pic (kinda hard to see but I love it) when I was driving home..

We had a great weekend and even better was I got to finish it off with the Jersey housewives craziness..Love that ish!

We started Kenzie on her "routine" Sunday too.. Since she's so cranky towards the end of the day, we're trying feeding about an hour before bath time and then feeding before bed. Sunday it was a SUCCESS! But today (yes I'm posting this so late tonight).. we struggled a lil more. She's had such bad gas (not even one dirty diaper today! That's ok right?!).. finally though she's sleeping (an hour after bath time and lotsa screaming).. Sleep tight lil baby.

Also P.s.
Watch out for the next couple days I'm going to have a lil surprise for you all! So stay tuned!!

XoXo Rachel


Tausha said...

EEEK!!! She is soooo beautiful Rach! What a stinking angel!

SO - My advice for pumping (and take it with a grain of salt!) I pumped RIGHT after Pres fed, I wouldn't get very much - but I tried pumping inbetween her feedings. So if she was eating every 3 hours, I would pump at 1.5 hours - but she was cranky so I got nervous I was taking milk away from her. I usually could make enough (pumping after each feeding) to make an extra bottle a day. And now that she is sleeping through the night - I get up in the middle of the night to pump a full bottle. You really just have to find what works for you - OH, and make sure you have a good pump. That will make allllll of the difference.
I had a cheapy "The First Years" and then finally splurged and got the Medela and it was life changing.

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