Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kenzie's Birth Story Part 2

So if you missed Part 1, it's here..
I left off at, it was 11:30pm and we were just checked into our room.

Bob quickly passed out on the couch as soon as I was hooked up and we were told it'd probably be awhile since I wasn't experiencing contractions or anything..

Well that quickly changed.. I was feeling contractions but still not too bad.. And one of my biggest fears for my labor was getting the epidural too early and then it wearing off before she came so whenever asked I would just say my pain level was low.. Then around 1am the contractions were not hurting too too bad but they wanted me to sleep and there was no way I could sleep through those. My nurse thought it may still be too early for the epidural so she gave me a lil shot of fenadrine (sp?) anyways this one.. man they tell you "it's gonna feel like you just had a few glasses of wine" to that i said "hell ya! I've missed my wine!" but know this stuff definitely knocked me out, but it didn't feel like just 3 glasses of wine.. it felt like that + some good drugs mixed in. I got to enjoy that lil high for a good minute maybe before I was out for bout an hour.

Around 2:30 I decided I couldn't take it anymore and I wanted to be checked to see how dialated I was and get the epidural..meanwhile Bob was still passed out and I wanted him to hold my freakin hand or something while I got this big ass needle stuck in my back.. I tried quietly yelling at him to wake up for like 5mins.. nothing.. finally when the nurse came in she woke him up and there was really nothing to be afraid of with the epi.. I felt the numbing shot but not the huge epi shot. While we were waiting for the anesteisologist I had Bob text my mom..I told him to tell her that I was getting the epi, but not "U should come" poor mom was sleeping and woke up to that and rushed over... and when she got there I was gooodd. I didn't need her to wake up at 3am and hurry on over, poor thing.

Anyways things were much better once my mama was there.. 
Here's us all cozy. I think this is when I started to develop a fever maybe? Cuz I was freezing!

Around 7am I got checked and was at 6cm dialated. The epidural started to slow me down so they gave me some pitocin. 
Around this time Bob went home to check on the dogs, eat, shower.. We knew we still had a lil bit.. and if I were to somehow jump to 10 that soon we don't live too far from the hospital so we weren't worried.

So far I'd say my pregnancy was great! Bob came back around 8 and shortly after my sis showed.

I was dialated at 10 by 9am and midwife said i'll probably be pushing in an hour so we were getting ready..Bff's showed up, MIL came.. My other sis was on a plane from So Cal headed up and my dad was picking her up, everyone was in their places ;)

Originally I had always planned on besides Bob being in the room during labor, I also wanted my mom. She's my rock and I needed her to help me get through it cuz I was so scared. Well after Sammy was there I told her to stay too and she could be camera girl. I was always on the fence of video taping the actual labor but when it came down to the minute I told her to stay and video tape..I was gonna put the video up since this blog is like my diary but that one's a lil too personal to just share with EVERYONE. Everytime I watch it though (seriously watched it like 5x just while writing this paragraph) I cry.

I started pushing at about 10:30am, 2 hours later, at 12:18pm my lil girl was here.


The 2 hours of pushing wasn't that bad actually..The whole time her head was right there, it would pop out and then go back in.. Towards the last hour I needed oxygen and my fever got bad, I had ice packs all over my head and neck.. and I started to get a lil worried because through my whole labor (since I got the epi) my right leg was dead.. well now.. the last hour I could feel my leg and lift it. Inside I was starting to panic a little that I was going to feel everything! Was my worst nightmare of the epi wearing off coming true?! I started to feel a lil nauseous and always hear of labor stories where the mom is throwing up so I spoke up and they gave me a lil shot of something so I started feeling much better.

Those last 10mins or so, it kinda got a lil scary.. the heart monitor strap thing for the baby kept losing her heartbeat so the midwife asked my permission to do something else where they stick (drill in otherwords) a monitor into the top of her head..I said ok (I didn't really understand what was going on, I just wanted her out and safe). Then as we were approaching 12:18, midwife told me, if I couldn't get her out on this next push she was going to have to cut me. With those words, my next push, I was crying " I can't, I can't" but I managed to get that lil 7lb 8oz babygirl out.

After that tears from everyone. I was so relieved it was done. She was here. I was exhausted!

Turned out lil miss came out head first, sunny side up (face up) and her cord was wrapped around her neck which made things a lil tricky. But in the end she was ok, all 10fingers and toes were there.. She didn't have a fever like I did, she was healthy and perfect!

Here's a screen grab from the video. I looked up at Bob like I can't believe it, she's here and he was crying..

We stayed for 1 more night after this, and the rest of our stay I had to be pumped with meds to treat my fever and infection I got from labor. We really didn't know until about 2 hours before we were released if we could go home or not because we were still awaiting the results for babygirl to see if she also had an infection. She didn't have a fever so they didn't pump her with antibiotics but just wanted to make sure. As for nursing, we had some issues at first. Not really latching issues, but lil miss wanted to cluster feed the whole time and I still was only producing colostrum. It made for 1 tired and hurting new mama. By the time we left she was down to 8lbs 6oz.

By Wed. @ 6pm we were eager to go home and start our life as a family of 3.

XoXo Rachel


Tausha said...

OH my gosh.

Firstly, you looked AMAZING your ENTIRE hospital trip - incredible girlfriend!

Secondly - She is GORGEOUS, Seriously beautiful. I am ecstatic that I stalk you and get to see her get big.

Lastly (although I could keep going) SO STINKING JEALOUS you got it on video. I wanted hubby to record, but he had to hold my dead leg up, so I didn't get that. SO PROUD of you for making that decision, what a gorgeous thing to have FOREVER. (I kind of hate you a little)

That is all.
Oh, and glad everyone is safe and healthy.

Mrs. Mama said...

So glad everyone is healthy. I couldn't imagine pushing with a fever. Super mom already! She is precious!

Mrs. K said...

Good job, Mama! I had an epidural with my first child and I had forgotten how cold it gets after that thing!

And what is it with men and resting while we labor? With my second, I was in active labor and lots of pain so I called out to J who was sitting in a chair not too far off texting and said, "Can you come here?" He walked over and was like what do you need? "UMMM...SUPPORT!" Men.

Joeylee said...

I agree you looked great during your whole labor! Jason slept while we waited the short time for Kendall too. She is beautiful

Shelley said...

The thing being stuck in her head freaks me out. Ouch!! It took me two hours to push too but I didn't have an epidural. Whew!!

Courtney B said...

Okkkkkkkkkkkay! I am so jealous! You looked AMAZING throughout your labor! I seriously looked like a swollen blob of death!
I love reading birth stories! Takes me back to almost 7 months ago (break my heart! Time flies too quickly) when my sweet Mia was born! What miracles our sweet girls are :)

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