Friday, July 19, 2013

Our 1st Month Baby Favorites

Baby Milk Bibs- Our babygirl has some sensitive skin. After a couple weeks and realizing this, she now wears these bibs during feedings because if she spits up, the breast milk won't irritate her skin.

Little Remedie's kit- I added this to our registry not really knowing exactly all about it, but it just looked like something neat to have "just in case". Well I cracked into this baby during week 2 when I thought my fussy baby had colic- I turned to the Gripe water. Then during week 3 I realized my poor baby had bad gas- so we use the Gas Drops sorta religiously. Not really knowing too much about the kit it has come in handy!

Baby Gowns- These things! Love love them! I just picked up a pack at Target of pretty much basics right before I had her. I had a closet stocked of cutesy clothes but wanted some things that would be more practical or I wouldn't mind getting more wear out of. These gowns though are probably my fave pick of everything. They're best for her jammies and make night time diaper changes so painless.

Aveeno Baby Wash- This is the only soap we've tried so far but love it! She smells so good after her bath. It's great for sensitive skin which she has and smells great but not strong!

Mams Binky's- We discovered our love for these after I had to make an emergency stop to Target for pacifiers after I realized I made the mistake of opening up all the paci's and then didn't remember which size was what. Mams are the only binky's we like around here now! We definitely have our lil stockpile now since they are dropped constantly. 

Aquaphor Baby- Again with the sensitive skin.. Babygirl got diaper rash early on and still gets it if we don't put this stuff on every diaper change. We don't let her sit in a dirty diaper for very long at all, just poor thing goes and goes.. So far this has been our fave between it and Desitin.

Fisher- Price Rock 'n Play Sleeper- The 1st few nights at home was a blur we managed to get away with having the pack 'n play work for her sleeping in at night.. Then weeks 2 and 3 she would only sleep in my arms in bed.. kinda dangerous right? Hubbs thought so.. anyways.. then one day after thinking of buying one of these for awhile now..  during our 3rd week I saw Target had these on clearance! (not sure why as they're regular on-line) So it was a sign, I picked it up for $56! Lil miss loves it. And I love that I can sleep soundly without having to worry that my arms are going to drop. I do miss her snuggles at night but this will be much better.

There's a few more things I realized I left off after putting this lil collage together:

Burp Cloths- Seriously, you can't have too many. My babygirl at least, is the spit-up/throw-up princess. We think because she overeats or may have a reflux issue but either way.. If you think you have too many don't worry you'll need them.

Disposable Changing Pads- Someone gave to me from work. They were left over from when she had her baby so I said sure why not I'll take em.. They were great for diaper changes. We had a few messy diaper experiences in the beginning.. They've tapered off a lil bit lately but, grab some if you can! Makes for easy clean up!
Bath thermometer- As new parents we're a lil extra cautious as usually expected right? So when it's bath time, we use our Disney's Cinderella carriage bath thermometer that tells us if the water is Cold- Hot- Ideal. Love this thing.
I can't find the exact one anymore on Babies R (where we got it) but any bath thermometer should work! Ours looks just like this though but a cutesy Cinderella one.

Anyways I hope this is helpful for some! Maybe it'll be pinterest worthy? I know I pinned something like this when I was preparing! Feel free to pin if you'd like! Now if only I had a Pin it button.. That's on my list for Blog To-Do's.:)

XoXo Rachel


..:danielle:.. said...

We have that octopus temp thing...isn't it great?! I would definitely have the water too cold if not for that! We also love the aveeno body wash and gas drops :) its all been a lot of trial and error... I think that's just how life with a newborn will always be haha

The Cavallaro's said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm glad to see what worked for you! I'm following you on Instagram :)