Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pet Peeves

The other day Bob called me out. He said “oh jeez another Pet peeve”.. Apparently I’ve been naming off things that are driving me cray cray around here too much.


Let’s list em.. let’s see…

1- Lately Kenzie has been drinking her milk or water and spitting it out. uggh right. She thinks it’s hilar.

2- The dogs barking outside. One of our neighbors next door just moved.. they had 2 little dogs too which all the dogs got along but they would go and bark at eachother through the fence all day everyday. And if the others weren’t outside they would go to the fence and like call em out. Both of our dogs did this so we all didn’t mind so much that are fences were getting scratched up .. it’s been nice though the past month with them gone or I guess peaceful. Well the new neighbors are starting to move in and it started again, they have 2 dogs also. Wahh!! I’m gonna have to  put up a gate or something cuz that seriously drives me nuts since I’m home all day with it. Btw I’ve asked bob about this gates last year and still nothing.. Home depot here I come for a little DIY action!

3- When people (aka Bob or really anyone but me) changes Kenzie’s diaper and uses like 10 wipes. I mean c’mon it’s not that bad! Don’t waste em!

4. And the one Bob shared with me the other day after we discussed my pet peeves was when I come to bed.. I kinda rub my feet together, so they’re clean before I get in bed.. lol I know it sounds gross.. now I’m more conscious and try not to do it.. What!? I try to sweep and mop every day- ok.. mop like every other day.. We have hardwood through out so my feet pick up whatever and I don’t want that in my bed! He said we need a rug and you know what that meant to me?? Yay I get to go shopping! ;)

5. My babygirl and her love for books.. I know I should love it but I’m so tired of reading after the freakin 15th book!


6. When I order stuff online on a Friday and then you gotta add on the Sat – Sun extra days to the usual 3-5 business days for shipping! So now I gotta wait soo long! I’m so impatiently waiting for my new Advo order to get here already!


7. When I hear “Bae”..


I can’t remember the rest but I think there are a few more.. What are your pet peeves? Or really what is driving you crazy lately?



Ps. Is this not the cutest? We went to our friend’s daughter’s 2nd birthday party last weekend..When Bob is out with Kenz, he wants to hold her the entire time.. I had to keep telling him to let her down and go play. Caught this little moment.. they walked far away from everyone and she climbed up on the bench so he just sat down with her.


These friends only live about 30ish mins away (Bob’s oldest friend/Bff) and lately we kinda just see eachother for the kids’ bdays are our weddings/showers.. it was fun to see the girls together.. As soon as we got there Shaelynn (2yo birthday girl) hugged K. It was really cute. And they have the same color hair! We definitely are going to get together more often.. And of course Kenz thought the gifts were for her.. “Shae lemme test your bike out!”


Anndd.. Our cute little family photo