Sunday, October 5, 2014

I have a problem…

It’s a bit OOC..


I screenshot on my phone all day- everyday.. Currently there are 333 pictures in my screenshots album. See? OOC!

Sure I HEART PINTEREST but it’s easier to just go scroll through my album.

Things like this.. Shout out if it’s your pic! Hey girl, Hey!


I can’t wait to try this once it gets cooler here.. ordering this flava asap!


Lots and lots of food ideas.. We like to eat pretty clean so most are healthier but then you get ones like this..







Idea’s for Kenz.. Genius right?!



GROSS huh?! Confession.. although I eat pretty healthy there are those every once in awhile times where we have some quick fast food meal.. this made up my decision of to never eat at McD’s again. Yuck!


Often some like these where I bring to my girl Lisa..


Will do this next year.. Our front yard is still under construction –and UGLY.


Love this look with the hydrangea box and tv stand.


Ps. tried this.. MAGIC! Just so easy.


I still have a little “fluff” I’d like to get rid of.. trying this combo once I get done cleansing!





THIS. I’m so excited to be apart of this. Head over to Tausha’s blog to follow along with what she put together. I’ll share mine, and maybe some others but not all 40.

It’s no secret to some of you.. My marriage has been a lil bit of a rollercoaster the past few years.. (ya, guess what?We’ve only been married for 3.. ) Anyways.. one thing about my husband and I.. we don’t ever want to just give up. We know it takes work. Sometimes a lot. Thank you to Tausha for putting this together at the perfect time.  P.s. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch Fireproof on Netflix.. at first I thought, oh jeez it’s kinda a bad Lifetime movie.. but then it just hit me. This was us. And then I realized there are soo many couples having the same problems we’re having.. This movie is about the book so I can’t wait to really dive in tonight.



Anyways.. I can go on and on with screenshots. Like I said I have 333. Probably more since I started this post. Hope you screenshotted some of these too ;)


Have a great week!!!