Sunday, October 12, 2014

My top faves..

So if you don’t know.. now you know.


I am an AdvoCare junkie! #GiveMeAllTheVitamins

I just learned about this awesome company a year ago and up until this past June I really haven’t been able to try most of what AdvoCare has since I was nursing still. You bet though ever since I stopped nursing I’ve been trying almost EVERYTHING.

With my new active lifestyle I’m working out a lot more and doing more strength training then cardio. This is where my first faves come into play..


This is my pre-workout. You all probably know all about Spark.. and Catalyst is just an everyday.. but my newest faves here are Arginine Extreme (I usually mix with my Spark), love! I feel like superwoman.. and then this one deserves the praising hands emojii.. O2 Gold. Seriously if you do any kinda cardio.. (I always try to hop on the treadmill or stairmaster after I get done with weights) this amazing little supplement gives you a 2nd pair of lungs! I’m not all smart with the science and all but what I do know is I freakin love it. I’ve had asthma all my life and I’ve always struggled with cardio.. As I’ve gotten older my asthma has pretty much gone away but still my endurance sucked. I couldn’t run and really it was jogging any longer then prob 2mins if that. I just got done with my cleanse and you really shouldn’t take any supps while cleansing so when I tried to run.. man I could really tell though how much it helps me. Anyways I could go on and on but I’ll stop. Feel free to ask me more if you wanna know more.


^^this was mail day for my challenge and some one thought all the *SEALED* <<don’t worry>> bottles were great music shakers.


Here’s another fave.. Yes I like to drink wine because I enjoy the taste and all but it’s also more to just relax or unwind.. This a great substitute.. less calories too ;) And the perk you can drink it before 5 haha and still drive.



I really needed it this day when someone was extra cranky.




And my newest fave is Advocare’s new skincare line.. To be honest so far I’ve only tried the cleanser and the Rejuvenating serum. Still waiting on the eye cream to be restocked. I swear that stuff sells out every week!! I love both of these though.. especially the cleanser. I recently tried out a few other products from a friend who sells Rodan & Fields skincare.. FYI this was before Advocare released any news they were coming out with their own line.. and to be honest I was just so disappointed. The products are ok don’t get me wrong.. but for how much I spent (and it was a lot!) I was expecting my acne to disappear completely. Nope.

SYS™ Cleanser - Great skin starts with clean skin. This SYS™ Cleanser contains bilberry, sugar cane and green tea extracts. Cleanser leaves skin refreshed and renewed without a lingering residue.  Best results come with consistency in usage.


I gave it it’s chance about 3 months.. and then couldn’t wait to stop and try Advocare’s stuff. Not just saying this.. I really had clearer skin and so so smooth after a week of using it. The softness was immed..And just saying it’s like so cheap..under $25 – but with my 40% off so beyond worth it.




And for fun if you’ve never really heard of AdvoCare .. here’s more of what is offered. See? Something for everyone!



I’m gonna stop now.. ha! I have so many more that are my faves but if you’re ever looking for something, whether it’s just vitamins or maybe you like to workout, shoot me an email: and I’d love to give you my opinion or recommendations!


Nikki said...

Music shakers! HA! I love it!

I LOVE the PE line! That was the stuff I missed most while I was pregnant!

Skincare.....AMAZING! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!

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