Friday, August 15, 2014

12 Month Post

Bahh! The other day at the park a mom asked me how old Kenz was.. Normally I just say “Oh she’s just over a year old”..but then this time I said “she’ll be almost 14 months..” and then thought wait.. I feel like we just celebrated her 1st birthday!




This was our last monthly post/picture of our chair pic next to Teddy. I loved doing this picture every month to see how much she changes in each month. And it’s been fun keeping track of her 1sts and what she ate when and how she would sleep.. ohh I miss those days..I wish my girl was a sleeper!

Weight: McKenzie is 21 lbs 4.8oz!

Happy 12 Months Babygirl! YOU’RE ONE!!!

Health: Your last month as a baby you are perfectly healthy! And very active!




Sleep:  Your sleep is pretty much all over the place. You don’t sleep very long during your naps, and at night you still wake up a couple times. Usually around midnight and then again about 3 or 4 am. And some nights, about 2 or 3 days out of the week you  like to stay up late and don’t go down until about 10pm. You wake up about 6:30-8am, if you’re up later you sleep in later usually.



Social: These days we love to get out and play with our friends. You’re such a sharer. I love it. Always giving the toys to the other kids. 


Diet: Up until about 3weeks of your 1st birthday we were still nursing once in the morning.. Usually when you woke up at 4am and and then went back to sleep.. and then right before you fell asleep, it was apart of our bedtime routine. I was actually really surprised how easy it went to wean you completely. It’s all about distraction. In the morning, I would make sure to have a sippy cup of organic whole milk ready in the fridge. At 4am I would quickly go grab her cup and she would wake up hungry or probably just a little thirsty and chug the milk.. Give it back to me, pop her binky back in and pass back out. This was what we did too I think for the night feeding.. I would really stress myself out making sure she ate enough at dinner.. (since she has become a pretty picky eater lately) and give her a sippy of milk before bed and that was that. I’m so happy we made it this far with nursing. My goal was 1 year and it feels great to say that we just almost made that! Our last visit with Kaiser’s nursing group was special too. We weren’t completely done but by the next week’s meeting we had finished and I felt like we left on such a great visit I didn’t go back after. Seriously mama’s check into your hospital’s lactation support groups. I know there are Le Leche groups out there, but I think having it at the hospital and lead by the hospital’s lactation consultant made my trust everything I heard or learned. It was also great to be able to weigh her every week if needed.



Crazy hair! 


Nicknames: Kenzie, Baby, Babygirl, Boo, KK, K, K Babe, Miss K. You answer to em all.


Clothes: At 12 mos old you are mostly in 12mos and some 9mos, but we also dug into your 18mos clothes. We love to shop at Kohls, Target, Old Navy, JcPenney.

Baby Gear Love: We pretty much packed up most of your baby gear. It’s all about toys now. I’m excited for some of the presents you will get cuz I know you will just love them. Like the water activity table, a little pop up tent/hut, your wagon. You still love your swing outside and occasionally play still with your stand up sing and dance tower- your favorite thing being the microphone. I need to find you a toy microphone that you can walk around the house with. I wonder if you’ll be a little singer!



Likes: String cheese. Goldfish crackers. Seriously you know the picture on the box and freak until I give them to you. I always get the huge box and it doesn’t fit in the cupboards so I have to hide the box behind other stuff on the counter haha. Waffles and bananas are usually your go to breakfast! Playing in the kitchen while I do dishes or cook..You play with the fridge alphabet letters or your fave is going into the drawer and pulling all the tea bags out. You like to put your binky backwards so we can take it out with our mouths.



You like to sit on everything. You think anything not meant to be sat on is a bench. It’s pretty cute.

You like to give everyone kisses! even Auntie’s picture!


Dislikes: You hate sitting in your high chair. Because of this, we have lowered the highchair all the way to the lowest level so that you can stand outside and eat off your tray.



Milestones: You learned how to walk!!! Ah! we were at your great grandma’s funeral (reception) and even though you had taken a few steps before and then would go back to crawling.. this day you just went for it and wouldn’t stop. It was such a sad day but I know you put smiles on a lot of our faces especially as we got to cheer you on and watch you go. We completed our breastfeeding journey.


Some "firsts" that happened this month:


♥Your first birthday!!! More pictures in this post..

♥ You took your first steps. So many times I tried to capture on camera. I know I have a couple short clips on my insta. And then here at the funeral reception when you started walking.



And getting better and better!


♥ Your first time being there for Mommy and Daddy’s anniversary!


♥ You got to help celebrate Mommy’s 27th birthday! We went to the lake, graduations and parties, and then Grandma and Grandpa took you for the day while Mom went wine tasting!



♥ Your first trip (of many to come) to Lake Hogan. I just love out my google photos automatically edited this pic. She loved the water! aannd.. playing in the sand.  


And funny Nilla.. all of a sudden started pulling in the jet ski




♥ Our Summer days hanging by the pool!


“Kenzie’s hat. Grandpa’s hat.”


You sitting in Grandma’s mickey room. I love this picture just because of where you’re at.


♥ We always love when Auntie comes to visit. And we like to make our rounds and visit with Papa and Grandpa too then.




♥ Father’s Day 2014.. (I can’t remember if this was your 1st Father’s day! :/) We went to breakfast with Grandpa and then out on the boat with daddy.


♥ You love to sing and dance. so cute.


Princess this has been the best year of my life! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Mommy and daddy love you little girl!