Friday, June 20, 2014


What’s in a name?

What do you think? It started as an inside joke between my sister in law and I, but I thought it’s just so fitting now.. I’m rarely posting just as a Mrs.. and always posting about my life as Mommy..
I also got just a little bit cooler and purchased my own domain..You know to seem all legit and stuff. P.s. it was like $2..just sayin.. You know me and my coupons.. there’s a coupon code if you need it.. Wonder Forest helped make this so easy!..

Also my new look? Any thoughts on what I should add/change? I did it all myself *so proud and impressed*..
Guys...Well Girl’s (i‘m sure).. I’m back!! Life got a little busy once she started eating solids lol.. she did more than just sleep so I lost all my blogging time.. Now.. I’m kinda getting this #mommylife thing down.. Excited to be back in the game!

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Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

I LOVE IT!!! I think this is fabulous and I cannot wait to see this next adventure for you. I'm glad you're finding time to blog again; I miss your posts!! I love seeing what you're up to and what things you love in life! Um text me with coupon info please!! I am working on getting my blog re-vamped as well, so I would LOVE to get my own domain!