Sunday, May 18, 2014

McKenzie Rose~ 11 Month Update

Weight: McKenzie is 20 lbs 6oz! 
Here’s some outtakes from our 11mos shoot.

Happy 11 Months Babygirl! 
Health: We had a little scare where one week you were throwing up and running a fever.. After a few days of it I finally took you in.. We then started to think you had a bladder infection or something going on so after watching it another day or two and I thought you were crying everytime you pee’d I brought you in to have you checked for a bladder infection. Now thankfully we haven’t been through a lot with you so this was the saddest thing ever for me and you so far.. They had to get a urine sample through a catheter.. You were shaking and screaming, it was so sad. Luckily it all came back negative and even though I put you through all that for nothing I’m still happy we checked because what  if you were sick? It could have gotten way worse untreated. And of course the next day you were all healthy and back to normal.

Sleep: I think since weaning has done some wonders for your sleep.. You were waking up every 2-3 hours to nurse even in the middle of the night.. since we cut those day feedings out maybe you started to realize you don’t NEED it so you sleep longer? who knows but it’s workin! You now just wake up once for a binky to be popped back in, and then twice (about 3-4am) for a feeding but I’ve been able to now just bring you back to bed with me.. give you your sippy of milk.. you chug it a little bit and then you pass back out until around 6:30..I give you your morning nurse sesh and then you usually fall back asleep or we’re up and start our day early! I’m finding that this is actually best though.. waking up at 6ish.. gets us on a good schedule with naps and eating..thank goodness for “Mommy Juice” aka my Spark!

Social: We’ve become more active with some new mommy friends and have been going on “play dates” .. There’s really no playing yet.. more we sit around on a blanket and the moms talk while kenz just sits in my lap or in front of me observing.. it’s still fun to get out and let her try to interact..We also went to the Autism Speaks walk with our family and had a lot of fun seeing everyone. I ♥ someone with Autism.


Diet: We started weaning you this month.. After your 9mos appt the doc gave us the go ahead that it would be okay to start a little early if I wanted.. she said as long as Kenz was still getting some breastmilk (or formula) that she thought it was fine.. I was so anxious to start and really I just overthought it too much.. the first nursing sesh we got rid of was the mid morning snack.. that was easy.. She def pulled and squeezed at me but I just kept lots of sippy cups around.. filled with water or milk.. And pretty much just kept feeding her snack all day..cheese, crackers, deli meat, cookies.. Next out was the mid afternoon meal.. again just trying to keep you distracted.. when you got fussy and wanted me I would try to run an errand or we’d go for a walk.. this was over about 2 weeks.. then the latest we got rid of was the middle of the night feeding.. This is probably our hardest so far but right now we’re down to just nursing before bed and when you wake up in the morning.. Other than this your diet is great.. now you’ve realized you will need to eat your food and your love your sippy of milk too!

Nicknames: Kenzie, Baby, Babygirl, Boo, KK, K. You answer to em all.

Clothes: You are in mostly 12 months and some 9mos still. Pajamas though we’ve broken out the 18mos ones.. Size 3 dipes. And shoe size 4 still. With our early Summer you are being forced to wear your hat much more now and sometimes you HATE it but mostly now you’re okay.


Baby Gear Love: Lately we’ve been getting lotsa use out of our strollers! Going jogging enjoying the beautiful weather!

Likes: String cheese. Goldfish crackers. Your new fave find, these faux chicken veggie patties. Waffles and bananas! Our new thing is going to lay down in bed for only a minute when you start getting sleepy and you quickly fall asleep. Mickey’s Clubhouse and Doc McStuffins.. those songs always get you dancing.. and Little Einstein’s always catches your attention too.  Sticking your tongue out…


Dislikes: Basically whenever you are playing with anything and we try to take it away (out of your death grip).. you get so angry! Temper Tantrum central

Milestones: You learned how to wave, give kisses when we say “Can I have a kiss?” or “Give me a kiss”.

I love this picture!

Some "firsts" that happened this month:
♥ You met the Easter bunny.. And you were frightened!
Look at those legs! she wanted to get away!!
Your Easter dress (for pictures)

♥ Your first Easter! We opened your first basket at home, then stopped by Nonnie’s to get some goodies.. and then we changed it up a bit and celebrated Easter at the A’s game! It was pretty fun and Auntie his little eggs stuffed with socks and Mum Mums and goldfish around the suite.


♥ My first Mother’s Day!

♥ Celebrated Auntie Becca’s birthday! Via pics since she lives far away.. We miss her!

♥ Your silly little adorable giggle..

♥ When you found your shadow! the funniest thing!
You can’t really tell here since it’s in the tub but it was pretty cute.

♥ Our family visit to the park.. LOVED

♥ Summer came a little early here and Grandma home with us made the day so much better!

♥ this.. omgoodness! BFF’s! I swear I didn’t even place them like this.

♥ Your friend Pearl.. we think they’ll be BFF’s.. Only a couple weeks apart.. Her mom and I met while we were both prego at a garage sale and learned our husbands both tournament fish… Earlier this year we ran into each other at a tourney with our little babes and now we’re play date buddies!

♥ Our many many shopping trips.. Lately we’re 1st Birthday present shopping..
some of our shopping trips lead to this.. Poor baby.. while chewing too..
♥ Trying out our new table- this was right after you fell back words and scraped your forehead.. :( You’ve got the wave down though!
Babylove, I love you! 

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*Butler, Party of 2* said...

Look at her eating her yogurt like a big girl!! Love the pic of her and the pup. She's growing so much and you're doing a great job with her!!Yay for the big 1st birthday coming up!! You look fantastic.

Ashley Richards said...

I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award if you want to play along. You can see it here:

Mom said...

This is so cool honey! I love the way you write💜💜💜

Anonymous said...

her face in the last two pics!!! she kills me!

Celyn PS said...

aww soooo adorable!

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