Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dumb Blonde

Yep I definitely get help to be this blonde, but naturally.. I am still a blondie..

The other day I wound up sending myself to the E.R.  (I think for the first

See.. multi-tasking.. I’m still trying to master this..

I was doing the dishes while Kenz was eating breakfast in the kitchen.. Well she was done .. clearly letting me know by trying to climb out so I quickly stopped unloading to grab her before she fell out.. set her down.. go to pick up the blueberries that were all thrown on the floor.. stand up and..BAM!

Right underneath the corner of the kitchen cabinet door..I collapsed for a good 10 seconds curled on the floor holding my head as Nilla licked my face..

I remember thinking.. shit I have the hot glue gun plugged in and now K is out walking around.. I gotta get up.

As I lift my head I felt the blood running down my face so immed opened the back door and  yelled out for Bob. thank goodness he was home working on our roof..

I can’t imagine if no one was home and what if I knocked myself out?! I also had eggs boiling on the stove! Still the thought scares me.. I need to be more careful!

Long story short since Bob was so busy working (and he has all the guys taking orders from him).. I called my sister to come and take me and baby to the hospital.. The gash was only 1/2” deep or wide (not sure).. so I needed a couple of staples..

Wanna hear another dumb blonde moment? I’m sure the doc was going to tell me next what the follow up was but I first asked.. So will these dissolve? You know like some stitches?

The doc then stopped and looked at me and was all.. “um no Staples are metal.. they do not dissolve. You’ll need to come back in 10days to get them removed”..

After getting the staples I then went in for a CT Scan.. anyone else wanna spell it CAT SCAN? I texted that first before correcting myself.. Ok yep.. Blonde..


Nowadays.. I like to just blame it on Mommy Brain.. that’s a thing right?! I like using that excuse more.. We’ll go with that.


Katie said...

oh no!! and definitely mommy brain. and i was honestly thinking today randomly what if i passed out and was home alone with addi. seriously i can't think about those things because what would you do? hope you feel okay!!

Ashley Richards said...

I have mom brain all.the.time. It gets on my nerves because it feels so not like the old me. Once I almost passed out when I was home alone with Jack. I quickly called my mom (who is 30 minutes away) and talked to her until Jeremy was able to get home. It was very scary. I'm home alone with Jack all the time so I am constantly making sure his environment is safe just in case.

Brittany said...

Oh no! That sounds terrible. I'm just blonde with no mommy brain since I'm just a college kid. CT/CAT scan are actually both terms for it as my mom is a CT tech. Happy Healing!!

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