Friday, April 18, 2014

McKenzie Rose~ 10 Month Update

Weight: McKenzie is 20 lbs 6oz! 

Here’s some outtakes from our 10mos shoot. It’s impossible to get her to sit still these days.







Happy 10 Months Baby Boo!  

Health: We had our first “boo boo” this month.. (right eyebrow shiner- after falling down onto the corner of the coffee table).. I thought it’d be a black eye but the next day you couldn’t even tell.


We also had our 9mos (a little late) checkup.. healthy as can be!



Sleep: Crib sleeper and partial co sleeper ;) You still wake up a couple times in the middle of the night to nurse so sometimes I just pop the binky back in or bring you back to bed to eat and then cuddle.


Social: We had Daddy’s birthday in Tahoe with family and friends. We visited with Papa and Auntie Becca came home again..





Diet: You pretty much eat anything and everything now! You’re a little picky sometimes though so it’s hard not to get a little frustrated sometimes and when you go through growth spurts it got a little discouraging ‘cuz we were nursing non stop and you would make me nervous like you were gonna want to nurse forever!


Nicknames: Kenzie, Baby, Babygirl, Boo, KK, K. You answer to em all.

Clothes: You are in mostly 12 months and some 9mos still. Pajamas though we’ve broken out the 18mos ones.. Size 3 dipes. And shoe size 4 still. With our early Summer you are being forced to wear your hat much more now and sometimes you HATE it but mostly now you’re okay. 

Baby Gear Love: I’d say you love pretty much anything that is not a baby toy.. you LOVE your bath toys though.. I went and got foam alphabet letters and numbers.. you like to chew on them.. or throw everything out of the tub..


you also love the border pieces to the foam alphabet mat that’s in your playroom.. that’s what you like to carry around the house with you the most.. or your pretty necklaces that you love trying to put on and take off.



Likes: You love going out on the boat! You love bathtime. Your doggies (even though Oreo can’t stand you, you have no idea and still giggle whenever he does allow you to get a quick touch of his fur). When daddy tickles you! You love to sing! It’s so cute.. You love Pharrell’s “Happy” and Frozen’s “Let it Go”. You LOVE Grandma!





Dislikes: Basically whenever you are playing with anything and we try to take it away (out of your death grip).. you get so angry!


Milestones: It’s crazy how quick you learned to crawl.. like within a week you figured it out and now zip around the house so fast! And you’ve started walking behind your walkers! I’ll attach the video soon!..For now though check my insta!


Some "firsts" that happened this month:

♥ Your first time celebrating Daddy’s birthday (31st)! We went to Lake Tahoe, our home away from home..

Cousin L♥ve







♥First visit to Red Lake.. this is a very special lake to Daddy and we were hoping it wouldn’t be frozen so we could fish it.. It was still your ♥ first time playing in the snow!





♥ Your first time eating Mac ‘n Cheese! I felt like this moment was a “first” hilight since kids love mac n cheese right? You actually didn’t care for it so much..



♥ And then another hilight worth noting… your first pizza! You have to love this right?! DUH


♥ You also tried and LOVED milk..thank goodness! I was curious if you’d take milk without a problem.



♥ When you started giving kisses! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!



♥ THIS! daddy reading to you.. melted my heart!



♥ Auntie Bec came to visit for Spring Break..



♥ you big girl you.. pulling up on everything..



♥ Your Grandpa’s love you!




Princess girl only 2 more months until our first year has passed us.. I can’t wait for it but I’m also sad it is just flying by.  ♥♥♥