Tuesday, March 18, 2014

McKenzie Rose~ 9 Month Update




Weight: McKenzie is 20 lbs 3.5oz!  Also since we missed our 9month appointment and probably won’t go back until her 12 mos we had Grandma measure you. You stretched out at 29.5” long.

Here’s some outtakes from this little photoshoot. It’s impossible to get her to sit still these days.

“Whatcha lookin at dude?!”



  Big girl- always pulling herself up.


“Hey ma! Look at me wave!”


And then there was this.. she’s not so sure about this headband.. neither am I Kenz.. hey it was on clearance for $1.

PicMonkey Collage


Happy 9 Months Boo!  

Health: Princess got her first real cold. Enough for Grandma to get concerned so we made a trip to the dr’s.


Thankfully everything wasn’t that bad so we just kept with the humidifier and sucking lotsa of snot and tried to rest. The cycle wasn’t too fun though. Mama got sick, gave it to baby then got it again.

Sleep: We started to transition nights to her crib. Both of us were just ready to move her out. You could tell she wasn’t comfortable which made me uncomfortable with all the restlessness. Only towards the end of the month did we try so we’re still kinda trying to get it down. Usually she wakes up a few times.. I either go in there and just pop her binky back in or sometimes I need to feed her. And sometimes she just isn’t having it with me doing either so I’ll just bring her back with me to bed.. and say “Hey we tried!” I know it’s probably the reason to why we’re having a hard time with it but I just get lazy or want to make things easier.. I want to sleep too so sometimes I just bring her back to bed cuz I know she’ll sleep and not wake up crying. Naps are always in her crib, and are still only about 45mins long (mostly 3 a day at about 11, 2 and 5).


Social: Not too social this month with all the sickness going around. Lotsa Mommy & Daddy time and even visits with Grandma & Grandpa, and Auntie.

Diet: You eat big people food now. You love, love Chicken. Usually breakfast consists of a hard boiled egg (yolk) and a banana. Snacks.. we’ve discovered ‘Baby’ Goldfish.. and we love them.. 3 for K, 5 for mom. Also the Plum teething wafers you love. Those are great for on the go. And dinner is usually leftovers from what we ate the night before.. most nights I don’t start making dinner until too late for you. Our go to though.. steamed broccoli, carrots and snap peas (I buy the big bag of stir fry veggies mix from Safeway) and some kinda protein.. chicken or ground turkey.

That baby food crap didn’t last long.. seriously so happy I didn’t really invest in a baby cooker system.. The little set up I had was not much at all so I’m not too bummed and I can still get a little use out of it with the next baby. You’re still nursing every 3-4 hours. And the countdown to weaning is on my mind. Lil mama I’m ready to be done but we will finish out to 12mos if you still want it!


Nicknames: Kenzie, Baby, Babygirl, Boo, KK, K. You answer to em all.


Clothes: You are in 9mos with some 12mos pants. And I still left a little section of 6mos clothes out that still stretch out. Size 3 dipes. And shoes 9-12mos or size 4 now. You’re still getting used to hats since I insist on you wearing them with all our sun but no sunglasses still.


Baby Gear Love: Same loves as last month.. Most used and favs are your walker and your ergo carrier. We had amazing early Spring weather so we took advantage of being outdoors. We LOVE our Ergo! We’re also getting a lot more use out of your pack n play now. You’ll allow me to sit you in there to play while I get some things done. You’ll play {EAT} your books sp I had to buy new plastic and cloth books that you couldn’t chew the corners off. You’re also starting to allow me to set you in your playroom (and walk away if I need to) and you play with your car.

I think you’d rather play with this then your toys!


Crying: You have mastered the little temper tantrums. And when you get really upset and want me to pick you up, you cry “Mama mama mama mama” over and over until I do. I mean it’s pretty cute but I hate that we’re just giving you your way..


Likes: You love bathtime. Your doggies (even though Oreo can’t stand you, you have no idea and still giggle whenever he does allow you to get a quick touch of his fur). When daddy tickles you! And when Mama asks if you have a stinky dipe you think it’s so funny. You love to sing! It’s so cute.. You love Pharrell’s “Happy” and Frozen’s “Let it Go”.



Dislikes: You HATE when we take away the remotes or phones from you. You start throwing a little fit.You also dislike yogurt all of a sudden.. or actually I think it’s more you’re over eating with a spoon. 

Postpartum: Looking forward to having a little more freedom once we’re done nursing.. I love my babygirl but would like to be able to leave her with Grandma and Grandpa if I needed more than 3 hours..

Milestones: You are pulling yourself on your belly everywhere.. still no crawling but you’ve figured out that you can scoot on your butt to things or on your stomach. And you pull up on the coffee table now. It’s a game to pull everything off and then fall down! You learned how to wave!!





Some "firsts" that happened this month:

♥ You had your first full night’s sleep in your crib! We both slept like babies until you woke up to eat, then I decided to join you for the night on the floor.




♥ Your first St. Patrick’s Day. Which also meant your first Corned Beef and Cabbage! Yum!




♥  First time brushing your lil teefies! Of course you liked the toothpaste but didn’t like us brushing your teeth.



♥  Your first #selfie



♥ Our “Cousin get together” when we all went wine to lunch and then wine tasting at Concannon winery. It was such a beautiful day!


  Obvi we had a few glasses of wine and thought a photoshoot was a great idea!


  seriously we took so many pictures!


♥ Cousin Maile’s birthday party!


♥ Our family time! ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ We went on a few hikes this month!

and you always pass out on them!


♥ A visit with Auntie’s boyfriend Marcus. I think you finally like him!



♥ Our day supporting cousin Bradley at his Baseball parade!


♥ Daddy/Daughter moments




♥ This silly girl.


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