Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Your Fur Babies vs. Your Baby

So a couple weeks ago I ventured out of the house and took the baby and both the dogs out on a walk
This is sorta a big deal because I don’t really like to walk the dogs by myself, especially in our neighborhood ever since Nilla was a puppy (like 5mos old- not old enough for the rabies shot- puppy). Well this one time I took them both out and when I was passing this house I noticed this big dog kept jumping up looking over the fence as we were passing. He was barking and just making me nervous.. Well we just kept walking until I look back and this pitbull was charging at us.. He busted through the fence and was coming at us to attack. My immediate reaction was to pick up Nilla and of course scream and run.. but Oreo was getting bit..I was just trying to get him away and spinning in circles lifting him off the ground trying to get away from this dog. Thankfully a car stopped and the guy ran to help and get the dog away from us and Oreo had a harness on so I wasn’t choking him while making him fly through the air.. and so thankful he only sustained scratches around his throat and face and not big bite marks. But lets just say both of us were traumatized to go on walks again after that.
Until I went on this walk. Right about here I’m thinking I’m a genius for thinking about putting both of the dog’s leashes on the “mommy hook” and wow the dogs are being so good walking right next to me! Then I notice the baby is passs-ed out! Ok we got this.. Then I start running the scenario through my head as I hear dogs barking around us.. of one getting out. Like what would I do. Okay I’ll try to pick up the dogs and run..

Well what do you know like 5 minutes after this I see it. A loose dog. A big pit with a harness on but loose on the path ahead of us. I immediately panic inside. I picked up Nilla and Oreo, one under each arm (luckily so quick they didn’t even see the dog- Nilla woulda started barking like crazy) and turned around and tried to push the stroller and walk- FAST. Nilla started slipping so I tried to quickly throw her under the stroller in the lil basket. Oreo rides in there sometimes so I thought I could try it with her but she wouldn’t go in.. And then I think, I shouldn’t have my back turned to the dog so I look back and sure enough he was coming. He was sorta just slowly running towards us.. When Nilla wouldn’t go in I put them both down and yell “RUN!!” and then start pushing the stroller running but the dog’s leashes are locked so I was more pulling them.. Now I kinda laugh about it when I’ve told this story but at the time I was thinking omg I’m gonna have to leave my babies behind to get my Baby outta here! I stopped when I noticed Nilla’s leash was getting stuck in the wheel of the stroller and when I looked back I see the dog a lil behind us and I yelled “Go Home! Go Home!” and he stopped and started to turn.
Then I hear a girl calling her dog. And right behind him on the path appear two women probably around my age pushing their strollers too. And she calls out, “Sorry!” and I said back “it’s ok!” as my hand is on my chest and I’m terrified. Then after I wanted to be like, No it’s not alright! Put your dog on a f’n leash!
Let’s just say I’m done walking in neighborhoods by myself. For now I’ll need a walking buddy or to take it to a park. Even that though I may still need a walking buddy.
I’m glad all my babies are ok but it really hit me, Kenzie is now my heart and that would mean choosing her over my dogs which have been my heart for the past 7 years. In the end I just tried my best to get all of us out of there but learned that that may not be possible in every situation.

Also just a reminder..we’re ready to start the challenge, are you?! Looking to order this weekend so let me know if you want to hear more about it! :)

XoXo Rachel


Janna Renee said...

Oh man! I have gotten scared by loose dogs, but I can't even imagine if I had a baby and small dog with me! Terrifying!

Katie said...

my dog is pretty well behaved but even when I was pregnant i was nervous taking her in case she pulled me over. now i'd be so nervous with addilyn. so we only take her if chris walks with me!

Tausha said...

We never walk our little yorkie on a leash & this EXACT situation scares me SO bad. Thankfully no dogs in our neighborhood - pitbulls TERRIFY me.

Tausha said...

We never walk our little yorkie on a leash & this EXACT situation scares me SO bad. Thankfully no dogs in our neighborhood - pitbulls TERRIFY me.

EPetsRoyal said...

I don't know what I would have done. Sounds like you have your hands full and props to you for handling the situation very well.