Thursday, September 26, 2013

McKenzie Rose ~ 3 Month Update

You are a spittin’ bubble and drooling machine lately. I don’t know if it’s early teething or what but girlfriend when you’re not fussin it’s funny. We blow bubbles and then you’ll blow bubbles back with your lil smile and laugh.
You’ve really become such a social butterfly. We’ve taken you out numerous times to eat, shop, visit and you do awesome! We definitely have our moments at home but as long as we’re on our best behavior while out
Here is a side by side of 1 , 2 and 3.

EATING:  Well little girl you are still a very healthy eater! You went through your little 12 week growth spurt and its like it kicked you back into eating every 3 hours after that. I was beginning to get used to feel spoiled with your 6 hrs breaks between feedings. Since you don’t see the dr until your 4month checkup I’m guessing you weigh about 14lbs now. We also started using something new for your gas. A probiotic. It’s supposed to help regulate how your tummy and digestive system processes everything coming in and going out. I’ve really noticed it has been helping you. You still are gassy but it doesn’t seem to hurt you anymore. You have no problem letting your gas go now! ha! One day you’ll be so mad at me for putting this out there!

SLEEPING: You are sleeping great through the night! Yay! It’s considered sleeping through the night even though we’re waking up at around 2-4 every morning for a feeding. And then you’ll go to sleep usually on mommy’s chest. During the daytime you love to fight your naps. You’ll get so so sleepy and now I know because you start rubbing your eyes. You get really fussy until I put you on my chest with your binky in and pat  your back until your eyes roll and you pass out. Lately this is the only way you’ll fall asleep. You have come to hate your swing. You also hate your little bouncy chair. In fact unless you’re being held you try to push your self up and out of anything we have you sitting in with your feet. We finally had to start buckling you in.

CLOTHING:  Mostly wearing 3mos still but the 6mos fit better length wise. We’re trying to get all the wear out of your Summer clothes before it starts to get too cold here. Really only all the 3M little cotton onesies still fit, the cute dresses or rompers are getting to be too tight. I stopped buying you clothes a few weeks ago. You’re good through Christmas now probably and bought you a couple jackets. But other than that you are kinda stocked up lil one. The one thing that I can’t wait to buy though is your first Halloween costume. I think I’m going to make it.. but still I can’t wait to buy the stuff to make it :).


Weight: 13.5lbs (We went to our first Breastfeeding Group at Kaiser this morning and they weigh in.. I was excited to see her up to already 13.5! :)
Height: 23 1/2” at 2 month checkup..I’m gonna guess you’re 24 1/2” long now!
Head size: 16”..who knows!
Hair: Still dark blonde/brown.. We’re still waiting to see what color. The top more looks blonde but the back of your head there’s a lot of hair and it looks brown
Eyes: Beautiful baby blues

♥ How your face lights up WHENEVER you see me.

♥ We’re impatiently waiting for you to roll over for the first time. We thought we almost were going to see it in Tahoe but nope, not this time!

♥ Your visits with Papa. You’re his first great grandchild and I can tell he adores you!

♥ You get the biggest smile and will crack up when you have a stare off with Nilla. Or when Oreo and Nilla are playing and jumping around you think it’s so funny.

♥ You scoot your self or push yourself back now. I can’t leave you alone on your back ‘cuz you’ll push yourself off the mat.

We started putting you in your crib for naps. Sometimes you’ll wake up and wonder where the heck you are! And as soon as I walk in and say Hi Baby! or Goodmorning! You see me and smile so big! It’s so cute! Also I like to watch you talk to your friends! It’s so funny. Those little bugs on the mobile have faces and you love em!

♥ When your Auntie Becca came to visit. She last saw you when she came up when you were born. You both loved each other!

♥ Our family cousin get together and how everyone loved loved you. They were fighting over who got to hold you :)

P9140220 P9140226

♥ How playful and alert you are these days. You hardly sleep so it’s been fun trying to keep you busy and entertained!

♥ You are becoming more and more familiar with Grandma, Grandpa, and Auntie. Instead of always crying for me you get so happy and have so much fun with them.

♥ We thought you were an early teether! You were showing all signs (except the teeth!) .. Also the signs of many other things. We think maybe you’re just going through a growth spurt!

♥ You started batting at and grabbing toys. It’s so funny too because once you have a grip on something you can’t figure out how to unwrap your fingers and let go. You get so frustrated and will start screaming until I help you.

♥ You are aware of the tv now and will watch with us.

Some "firsts" that happened this month:
♥ Your first vacation! We went to Tahoe as a day trip before, but for Labor Day weekend we went back for 3 days with Nonie and cousin Hailey.

♥ Your first fishing trip! Also on vacay in Tahoe.

♥ Your first baseball game. Go A’s!

♥ Your first time in the pool! You loved it!

♥ Your first trip to Mommy’s work. You did so well and everyone held you, you didn’t cry once! Here’s you with my boss.. Auntie Jan. This was believe it or not her first time holding a baby without sitting down. She even walked around the campus holding you.

♥ Grandma read you your first book from her. I’ve read you a couple already. :)

Because I feel like time is flying and it’s hard to keep up with all these monthly updates and with my memory being so bad I’m going to start with weekly updates. Right now you’re actually 3 months and 1 week (14weeks old).. so next update in a couple weeks since this one is almost over it will be a 16 weeks update! :)
Babygirl you are growing so fast and sometimes it makes me cry when I think about it. Before we know it you’ll be rolling all over the place. I can’t wait for your first Halloween next month! Love you Boo!

XoXo Rachel