Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Valentine's Day to remember

So Valentine's Days have never meant much to me because I was never "lucky" enough to have a Valentine really.. I remained single all through highschool so when I finally started dating Bob most of it was all new to me :) Having a boy on the day of LOVE, getting flowers, etc.. 

circa '08- Easter since I have no pics from Vday from any year..

2/14/08- My most memorable Valentine's Day
Well in 2008, our 2nd Valentine's Day together, the Mr. decided to surprise me with dinner at our condo and then got really serious for a moment and got down on one knee..I can't remember everything he said but basically the usual.. "you're the love of my life, I want to be with you forever, blah blah.." and then pulled out a ring.. Here I was 19 years old, we'd only been dating for just 1 yr and a month (officially) but of course we were head over heels in love then.. (it was the "honeymoon stage"! -p.s. Bob think's that this "stage" is a crock of shit.. any of your men like that too?) and I was thinking is he serious?! Omg, my heart was racing I was smiling and saying aw baby i love you too and then i pulled the ring out and noticed there was a tag on it!...With a price of $25! 
I'm pretty sure this then followed by me laughing and asking if he was serious? I know sounds so mean.. but I thought it was a joke? Like he was being sweet giving me jewelry (a necklace included) and then wanted to joke around too by proposing.. He sorta went along with it, and then I asked him if he was really serious and the poor guy said "ya I was hoping this could be temporary until I could get you a real one".. I of course felt like a huge bitch for just completely ruining the moment so we decided that "this doesn't count! I don't want to remember this as our moment". :) i still wore the ring until it turned my finger green:) Love my baby for trying to be romantic.. 

What's your most memorable Valentine's day?

XoXo Rachel


Laney G said...

awww very sweet. i looke forward to the day i have memories like this.

hope yours is extra special and romantic.

following you now. said...

awww that's so cute!! Hope he replaced it hahaha