Sunday, November 15, 2015

Kylie Jayne ~3 Month Update


I can’t believe how much faster the 2nd babe’s time goes by. These 3 months snuck up on us! Actually you’re already half way to 4 months!! You are a happy and chill baby. Everyone comments on it. I don’t want to jinx myself and agree but looking back at Kenzie’s updates and trying to remember, you definitely are! You are still an eat.sleep.poop machine but are having more and more longer moments of awake time and you just like to smile and laugh. Sometime’s in the middle of the night you’ll just wake up and hang out and laugh. Here is a side by side of 1 , 2 and 3.

Funny story about that dang purple bow. That was her Halloween costume bow.. and all October I could not find it anywhere. Well guess what, I found it Nov. 1st, right before I realized I needed to take her 3 month pictures still. So heck ya I’m going to have her wear it all the time now to make up for it.

EATING:  You are an amazing little eater! I don’t really keep track of how often you’re eating since you’ll just let me know when you’re hungry. We’ve tried a few bottles and sometimes you’ll take em but the last time when Grandma had you all day long you held out and would not take it from her. You went over 8 hours without it! Little Stinker. But..I’d say you look healthy, little chunky butt.

SLEEPING: You love sleep! And on your own (well with the help of your binky), thank goodness! Your sister at this age would only fall asleep with a lot off cuddling. You sleep great at night.. You have to be in bed about 8pm or else you’ll make sure we know you’re tired… Mostly waking up about 3 or 4 to eat and then sometimes you’ll be up for a little bit but usually I change you, wrap you back up in your blanket and place you next to me in the rock ‘n play and you’ll pass back out. I’ve been less consistent with swaddling and you seem to be doing ok.
During the day you sleep in your swing, your pack ‘n play and sometimes I’ll try to hide you in the room in your rock ‘n play because the dogs and your sister are loud and easily wake you up.

CLOTHING:  You’ve been wearing a lot of 6months clothes since it’s getting pretty chilly. Most of your 3 months pieces are more Summer wear…And you’re pushing size 9months for sleepers since you’ve got some pretty long legs.. and big feet! Also we’re loving your cousin Ruby’s hand me downs- you have so many clothes sometimes we only wear something once before I realize it’s too small for the next time!!

Weight: You’re about 14lbs
Height: Not too sure.. long though that’s for sure!
Head size: Not sure!
Hair: Still dark blonde/brown..
Eyes: Dark baby blues

♥How chill you are. Just chilling with daddy. Whenever he’s home..we kind of just do a lot of this.

♥  This. My little girls.

♥ How you look at your Grandpa! You’re always smiling at him.

♥ I cannot get enough pictures of my husband and his girls. Melts my heart.

♥ Your monkey toes!

♥ We went to Shaelynn’s costume birthday party. You went as a little A’s baby.

♥ You’ve discovered your hands and the tv.

♥ We met baby Easton, Courtney’s son. These two are just 5 weeks apart! Look at his head of hair!

♥ When I caught Kenzie reading to you. It was one of the cutest things.

♥ We met your boy version doppleganger. Carly's son Benjamin. You two are less than a week apart, in person you both looked pretty identical.(Not so much in the picture though)..

♥ We celebrated Auntie’s 24th birthday.

♥ You love looking at yourself on camera and smile like crazy.

♥ Dance party!

Some "firsts" that happened this month:
♥ Your first wedding. Leslie Hague and JP...Again looking at Papa.

♥ Your first First Halloween outfit ;) Ok i’m stretching here.. just wanted to show off some pictures!

♥ We celebrated your first Halloween with Bradley’s birthday party first. (You turned 3 months a week before Halloween so that’ll be in next month’s post!)
 Look at those rolls!

♥ You had your first day away from Mommy. Over 8 hours with Grandma and you wouldn’t take the bottle at all for her. You made sure to make up for it when I got home and filled that belly up!

♥ We went to the Pumpkin Patch!

Not too many “firsts” this month… It’s so true you kind of stop taking so many pictures after the 1st!

I just love you my Angel babe.