Thursday, October 1, 2015

Kylie Jayne ~2 Month Update

2 months! You are starting to get your little personality and it's so cute. Here is a side by side of 1 and 2.

EATING:  You are eating about every 2 1/2 -3 hours. I'm pumping once in the morning to build up a little supply for if/when I ever need to leave you.. so far it's not too big but just like Kenzie I never left her for the whole first year and it'll probably be the same for you too! :O ...not intentionally but it just worked out that I didn't have to leave her long enough to miss a feeding.

P.s. this I caught your pooping face. And then sent it to my sisters and mom.. It created a funny group text..

SLEEPING: This month has been a little exhausting with your sleep. It probably took me way too long to figure out your bedtime! About 7:30/8pm if you're not in your bed, it's past the point of no return and you will let me hear about it for a good 2-3 hours! You cry from being over tired. I'm sorry baby! Finally I figured it out though and now we have a little bit of a routine!

I have a million pictures of you sleeping.. 

CLOTHING:  You're in mostly 3 months. But also a lot of 0-3 months... And actually we rarely put you in all the cute outfits since we stay inside most of the time and just wear your cute pajamas...But you did get a whole bunch of cute clothes from your 2nd cousin..or 3rd? Ruby. This is one of my faves from her...I also just wanted to show off how cute and happy you look in our new toy for shopping. A shopping cart hammock. Makes grocery shopping with 2 so much easier!

Weight: At your 2 month appt you weighed in at 11.13lbs. 56%ile for weight
Height: 2' 0.25". 98%ile!!
Head size: 15.51". 79.83%ile. (Both of my girls have big heads!)
Hair: Still dark blonde/brown..
Eyes: Dark baby blues

You also got your 1st shots :( :( No reactions or fevers afterwards though! Yay! Just lots of snuggles which I'm always ok with.

♥The meltdowns. I want to remember this because I'd say this month definitely was a little change up and you cried a little more than usual...Bedtimes were hard. The 2nd picture I remember was us trying to get settled down a different night...Lots of crying but I eventually got the hang of it.

♥  I tried to get a little creative so we could have some 1 on 1 time and practice tummy time.. Which you hated.

and then we sleep.. 

♥ Auntie visiting and getting in some cuddles.

♥ Daddy and his girl.

♥ Grandma watched you while I just got out for a little bit and drove around with my dad. We both want to buy soon so we went driving around the neighborhoods looking at houses.

♥ Your big sis always wants to hold your hand. It's really the cutest.

And we're still working on her "cheese face" lol

♥ That mug though.. like "mom why are you taking my picture?!"

♥ I still can't get these 2 on the same nap schedule.. sometimes it works out but for the most part your my little naptime buddy while Big Sis sleeps..

♥You started smiling!

♥ You started to show us your little voice. Sometimes...Most of the time it just looked like you had so much to say and nothing would come out!

♥ Bath time with Big Sis! Not your first time since the first time I didn't have my phone on me to get a picture! And.. still fail.. I managed to tape it for a whole 2 secs instead of a picture..Womp. womp.

♥ We celebrated Papa's birthday! The big 5-5!

Some "firsts" that happened this month:
♥ Your first vacation. We went to Clearlake just overnight with Uncle Nick and Tiffany. We basically went up there to go to the grocery store, pick up food to BBQ and stay in someone else's house for the night... And woke up to clean up and leave...Let's just say my honey is not allowed to "plan" trips anymore. I also strongly dislike the way I look in this picture but when you have 3 other people who do not want to take a picture this is the best you get!

♥ Your first time out on the boat. Even though it was right down the way from the launch ramp at our little beach we like to go to.

♥ Daddy tried giving you a bottle for his first time...It was your 2nd attempt..You still don't love it.

♥ Your first visit to the zoo! And of course there are no pictures of you!! I need to get better at this! You slept basically the ENTIRE time we were there. We only spent maybe 2 hours there because it was so hot and muggy. I think the butterfly exhibit was less humid than it was outside!!

We went and met my cousin Heidi and her baby Ruby! Here's us both preggers!

Not too many “firsts” this month… It’s so true you kind of stop taking so many pictures after the 1st!

I just love you my Angel babe.