Friday, February 27, 2015

Kenzie's first trip to Disneyland

At the end of January my sisters, mom, Bob and I took Kenzie to Disneyland for her first time.
Being pregnant I was kinda bummed I wasn't going to be able to go on most of the rides but in the end I didn't miss them at all! I got to hang with my babe and take her on the little cute rides that I've never taken the time to go on before.

First stop though on our road trip, Andersen's Pea Soup! I was craving this, in a bread bowl and it did not disapoint!!

Little Miss Diva on our way into the park.

Walking in.. he looks so thrilled :)

Her first ride! The rocket ships in California Adventure.

Then while the others went on the Screamin' roller coaster we tried to go on the Carousel.. Didn't happen..she started crying everytime I tried putting her on an animal... but we got a cute photo before getting off!

Then we headed into Disneyland!!!

She loved the safari boat ride!

Our favorite part, hands down was the parade. She loved it, yes I cried, and sadly (blame it on the hormones) I still tear up and get all happy when I remember that moment and watch our little videos. I'm so happy that we all caught our own videos! I was able to get some of the parade and then of Kenzie's reaction. She still rocks out and tells me "more more" to watch them over, and over and over again.

Waiting to meet Mickey! All the lines were long to see characters (we waited 30mins for Mickey) but thought out of all of them we had to meet Mickey and Minnie.. (Minnie wasn't around when we went :( )

At this point Kenz was out.. She made it until 8:30pm.. no nap at all, all day!

And love this too..My sis got us when we were walking in and now us leaving.

And back at home, she still loves to walk around with her hat she got at the park.

We had such a blast and I can't wait to bring her back when she will love it even more!