Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Disneyland~ First Year Anniversary

Oh my sweet husband, I can't believe just 1 year ago we were celebrating with all our family & friends and making our love official. He surprised me Sunday with news that we were leaving Monday morning (6/4) and taking a road trip to L.A. 6 hours later we made it! We didn't stop once so we were starving and walked to a nearby hole in the wall mexican restaurant.. Then I was so excited to just get to the park, luckily we had a shuttle at our hotel pick us up and drop us off. Finally, already 5pm we made it! First stop was California Adventure.. We figured even though we had park hopper passes, CA Adven. isn't that large and with only about 5 hours left we'd go there first and try to knock it out to leave the whole Tuesday in Disneyland. Well my hunny was a little upset when the lines were still so long, he thought this would be a perfect time to go since kids were not out of school yet. We ended up going on a few rides and eating at the park. What a romantic anniversary dinner we had at the Soarin Over California diner.. ;) We had fast passes to the World Of Color show but that wasn't until 9:45pm so we walked around downtown disney for a bit.. This was my 2nd time seeing the show but Bob hadn't seen it yet so I wanted him to be able to witness the amazingness too! That show is just great, but the part where they play Simba watching his dad die gets me everytime.. Why do they have to ruin the fun and happiness with that clip? I don't get it! Anywho that was Day 1!

Day 2, we started sort of bright and early since we knew we had all of Disneyland to get through.. Can I just say the cinnamon sugar pancake puppies at Denny's are to die for?! If you get a chance, you need to try them!

First thing as we enter Main Street USA is Mickey marching with the band. This got me right away.. I think because it just reminded me of my grandma (who loved Mickey) our playroom at her house when little was known as "the Mickey room". I miss her, so much.
All day we stood in line for rides..Longest line we waited in was 70mins for Splash Mtn. A couple others we didn't even get to go on because the wait was 90 mins! Ridiculous!
On Space Mtn. the camera captured me slapping Bob in the face, oops sorry babe!
After going on Splash Mtn. we kind of called it a day.. it was still only 4pm, but the rest of the rides we wanted to still go on just had long waits so we returned to the hotel to change because I wanted a night where we can sort of dress up and go out.. We changed and then went back to Downtown Disney for dinner.. well dinner didn't go as long as hoped so we didn't know what else to do besides go back into Disneyland. It was the perfect end to our stay there. We went back and my hunny bought me some Mickey earrings with June birthstone, I was able to get my beignets and we happened to be in the right spot at the perfect time and had front row seats for the Fantasmic show. We left early to beat the huge crowd that would soon follow but as we were heading out on Main Street, the most beautiful firework show went off. You can definitely say our First Anniversary was magical :)


Sam @ said...

such a fun anniversary! I love surprises! Can you believe you have already been married for a year?!?!

Rachel Mc said...

It sure was fun! & no I can't believe it! Time flies when you're havin fun! ;)