Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First Blog post!

I don't have any pictures from the first year we met!
I know BUMMER right?! But this was the following
year, when we actually were "official" ;) (2006)- This pic
is at Disneyland (our first trip together- Happiest Place on Earth).
My Life as a Mrs. started almost just 1 year ago. We were married on June 4, had a beautiful winery wedding that ended with a bang! (What would a wedding be without some lovely family drama, eh?) I decided to join the blogging world as I've read a couple others recently, and I've found that it has been fun to follow the lives of other "normal" people (not the celeb magazines or reality shows that I also love to keep up with) and just thought how fun it will be for me to be able to share my stories and pictures. Check out "Our Story" above full of well, our story and full of pics). Follow me as I take this adventure of learning to be a Wife, daughter/sister-in-law, and hopefully soon to be mama (fingers crossed)!
Five years later we said "I DO", June 4, 2011.