Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Results

I don’t think I mentioned on here.. (maybe I did?) But I just recently finished my 2nd 24 day Challenge.


I’m still nursing lil K (going on 8 months strong!) so I of course did the “Nursing Challenge”.

By the way- side note.. please please make sure if you are nursing and you’re ordering through someone else ( first WHY?! kidding..but 2nd..really..why? let me coach you! Winking smile).. make sure the challenge they are giving you isn’t the actual 24 day challenge. We Nursing mama’s cannot Cleanse or do some of the supplements. Even if you’ve ordered already feel free to ask me to double check everything is A- OK! I will totally help you and let you know.

I know it’s been such an accomplishment or long road of Breastfeeding our lil’s and we do everything we can to watch what we eat, so the baby is healthy etc.. I’d hate for you to be mislead to think everything is safe.


Anyways.. the challenge was another SUCCESS!

Here’s my before and afters.

Before- Start date January 6, 2014:


After – end date January 30, 2014:



And one flexing: P.s. try to take a selfie when you’re flexing all your muscles and try not to look like you’re constipated LOL


I made sure this time to do it in the same clothes cuz I know some ppl questioned my last before and afters since I was wearing different clothes.

Here’s my last challenge as a comparison..You can read about it here. here. and here.

This go round I lost 9lbs and 10.5”. Overall, since June I’ve lost 55lbs! Only about 8 of that was lil baby K.

Here’s all my measurements Before and afters:

I actually forgot to measure on day 1 or the night before so these are as of Day 3.

Seat- before 44” after 43”

Thigh: before 27” after 25”

Calf: before 16” after 15.5”

Hips: before 38” after 36.5”

Stomach (around biggest part of belly): before 37” after 35.5”

Waist (smallest part of stomach): before 31” after 30”

Breast: before 38” after 37.5”

Bicep: before 12.5” after 12”


I def feel the inches lost in my waist and hips cuz I officially got rid of all my size 12 pants! Whoot whoot! It’s so fun to clean out my closet and give away all my pretty much brand new clothes when it’s because they are just TOO BIG!

Before weight:


And after weight:

Ignore my ugly feet please!


Also my first weekend on the challenge (I think it was about day 5) I went to my sisters work (the gym) and we measured my BMI and fat percentage. Hopefully next week I can check it again. I’m curious now to see what it is after I’ve lost the weight and inches!

This is considered overweight and it said something like “may have health risks” or somethin like that.. I’m 5’10 and 26 if you’re wondering..


I’ve been trying to get on Bob to do his After pictures (he finished this past Sunday) but it’s just been impossible to catch him before work.. and really who wants to be taking after pictures after a long day and eating all day? I’ll post his results to this post hopefully tomorrow.. so maybe you’ll catch this post without it or maybe it’s there now! ;)

Here’s his results though!

He’s totally into bodybuilding and goes to the gym everyday but the day after I started my challenge.. he was going to start a couple days later.. He fell off a roof while at work! He’s ok thank god.. but still is having probz with his shoulder.. When it happened though (You know Men.. biggest babies ever! so dramatic!) he said his ankles were shot and he was pretty sure he broke his shoulder (BUT WILL NOT GO GET IT CHECKED OUT! ughh). So any gym activities he really couldn’t do. So in his eyes he’s not happy with his results. He would have loved to gain more inches in certain areas.

Seat: before 44” after 44”

thigh: before 25 1/4” after 24 1/2”

Calf: before 15 1/2” after 15 1/2”

Hips: before 40” after 39”

Stomach: before 40” after 38”

Waist: before 38 1/2” after 37”

Breast: before 43 1/2” after 43 1/2”

Bicep: before 16” after 16 1/2”

Before shots (could you tell after a few shots he was getting tired of me wanting to “just take another”?):




coming soon..

And his final weight loss 7lbs

All in all although he wishes he coulda done his challenge while really working out these are still great results!


Anyways girls.. See ADVOCARE WORKS! :) I technically can’t do the actual 24 day challenge so I am on a few products and LOVE LOVE them! And even though I have only done the nursing version, I can totally help you if you’re interested in the actual 24 day challenge. I’m loving helping all my family and friends feel awesome!


Katie said...

you look SOOOO good! i thought your before pictures were your after pictures! then your after pictures are even better. i'm impressed! you should post what a normal day of eating and working out is like! :)

Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

You look great! Is the nursing 24 day challenge cheaper than the original?

Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

You look great, mama!!! And congrats on nursing for that long!!! :)

Ashley said...

Wonderful!!!! So proud of you! Doing all of this and having an 8th month old is nothing short of miraculous.

Joeylee said...

You look great girl!!

Tausha said...

DAYYYUUMMMM girl!! You look incredible!!!!

Oh, and I LOVE this post. Seriously.

J and A said...

You look great!! I actually just got the BFing friendly challenge I just need to start!

Nikki said...

You rocked it momma! GREAT job!

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