Wednesday, December 19, 2012

13 Weeks Update

Well it's actually 13 weeks 5 days now.. 

We had quite the appointment yesterday~ It was actually the Screening ultra sound but guess what? Of course my baby had a big growth spurt and measured too large for the test..
Baby is measuring a week ahead of my due date and we just missed the window.
We got some great shots though, the dr said all looks good and healthy from what they can see and baby was a movin' machine!
Sucking it's thumb and waving at us, doing flips and stretching it's long legs (like it's mommy n daddy)..

I also asked if it's too early to tell the sex and the dr. said she actually has a pretty good shot with what she sees and asked if we wanted to know.
I of course said yes.. and well..

You'll have to check back hopefully tomorrow! I'm putting together a cute announcement that I'll share probably then.. 
Although I couldn't wait and do what I wanted to do originally, like have a reveal party or at least a cake! As soon as we got out, after I skipped all the way to the car I called my parents and sisters! I asked Bob not to tell anyone yet, cuz the certain someone he told before when we were pregnant kinda told everyone and I had this big plan..speaking of which.. Here's how we told everyone!

Oh and that didn't last long by the way.. As soon as he got home I got a text from my neighbor- congratulating us on our new baby ___! I guess it wasn't fair to ask him to not tell anyone when I've already shared the news with my bests and family!

I decided to do a fun lil poll on the side here.. Go vote whether you think we're having a boy, or girl!

How Far Along: 13 weeks 5 days!

Size of the Baby: well according to the Bump.. Baby is the size of a peach! But my baby is a week larger, measuring 14 weeks 5 days.

Maternity Clothes: Not really wearing any yet..I'm still barely showing anything..

Stretch Marks: Still none yet.. But with baby growing fast I really need to get serious about applying lotion.

Weight gain: Still doing ok on weight gain, haven't gained much. We'll see though at my next check up in a couple weeks, I'm sure there'll be a jump! (Especially after the holidays!)

Sleep: I'm sleeping good, i'm on like a 7 hr clock though I can't sleep longer than that really even when I fall asleep early I still wake up early. I'm also having so many dreams... nightmares, just crazy dreams. Which then leads to pretty much a daily a.m. headache.

Best Moment of the Week: Well duh.. finding out what this lil baby inside of me is going to be! And giving it a name and being able to say he or she (Which has been so hard in this post to keep saying "it"). And going shopping last night and buying the cutest little clothes!

Movement: I can't wait til I can feel all the movement that's going on in there!

Food Cravings: Well a very unhealthy food craving was Flaming Hot Cheeto Puffs and cooling my mouth down with some pickles. Yes that was my dinner one night. Haven't craved it since though I think I got pickled out..Another weird craving (weird for me) is I keep having the idea of wanting to try sushi. I hate sushi btw. I've tried it a few times, each time hoping i'd like it.. but no, yuck.. Now I'm wondering if I should try it again?

Gender: I can't wait to share!!

Belly Button in or out: In

Anything making you queasy or sick?: Still the smell of this coffee Bob's drinking at home.. Caramel somethin k-cup

What I miss: Hot baths. Especially right now it's so cold out and in our home (broken heater) so I just hop in the shower and stand under the water for awhile.

What I'm looking forward to: I'm still hoping I get a xmas gift to do a 3d/4d ultra sound where they can again confirm the gender.. Even if we don't get it as a gift, we're still doing it! Also now I can officially start planning the nursery!

Nursery: Speakin of which.. Can't wait! To Pinterest! (And guess what now with these Secret Boards.. nah nah nah nah nah you won't get to see anything yet! :) ) I'll do a big reveal too like I just watched Miss Jen's adorable room.

Emotions: Oh am I hormonal right now. I'm realizing that like as soon as I get hit with being tired.. I become extremely irritable. I am really trying to take the advice and comments I'm getting from people as them being helpful and with their best intentions. So once I get moody it's just hard to keep that in mind  but i'm trying people.. So just bear with me or keep your comments to yourself, unless I ask.. lol! No not really.. but yes kinda really. Poor Bob.. I love him so much. He gets to hear it all from me. One day I'm bitching to him about something or someone and the next I'm on the phone with them talking like I love them. He probably is thinking "this bitch is cray". And of course I'm still a lil cry baby. Especially with what happened in CT, everything I see on the news or on fb makes me tear up.. the tributes that all the tv shows have been doing, I now have to fast forward so I don't break down and ugly cry. So Emotions, yes I'm experiencing them all. Like Jenny McCarthy dubbed it in her book Belly Laughs- I'm Psycho Chick right now with hormonal rage!

XoXo Rachel


Cortney said...

I hate the smell of coffee not pregnant, I can't imagine how much it bothers you!! Love your Christmas cards!

Audra said...

We had an ultrasound at 13.5 weeks with our daughter and they guessed girl - and obviously they were right!

This time, we went in at 12 weeks and they took a guess - and we just found out they were wrong! I was shocked! I was spoiled because my ultrasound was so much later the first time so I thought they were always that accurate.

I'll be checking back to see the results for you! :) Either way

Kiki said...

OMG i love your christmas pictures they are perfect!!! New follower


Joeylee said...

Cant wait to hear what your having! Your Christmas card is adorable, love it!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

I loooooove your Christmas card--that's so cute!! What a fun way to tell people. :) Thanks for the shout out!! I cannot wait to hear if you're having a boy or girl!! 2nd trimester mood swings die down...only to rear their ugly head again towards the end :/ It's such a fantastic journey though!! xox

Tausha said...

SOOOO Cute!!! Can't wait to find out what your having!! EEEK!!

Lauren said...

Oooo can't wait to find out what it is:-)

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